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Meet Hayley

This is Hayley and her family, (Image From Right to Left - Cooper, Ryan, Hayley, in front of Hayley is Bryce, then Chloe, then Cody our 2-year-old pup.

Prior to being introduced to hypnosis, life was a struggle for Hayley. Can you relate?


She was taught by society/culture:

"Life is meant to be hard."

"It's okay to worry. Everyone worries. Worrying is just a part of life."

"Buck up."

"Stop your crying."

"Just deal with it."

"Just move on."

"If you are not experiencing adversity then you are not growing."

"Just try to figure out how to get through life 'less miserable.'"


SHEESH!!! Really? Doom and gloom. No Thank you!!!! Hayley did not sign up for life to be THIS way. There had to be answers, a better, happier way. SOLUTION BABY!

She was determined to find the truth that she could experience life no matter what was happening with joy, happiness and peace. That's when she discovered DRUM ROLL....

hayley family.jpeg


Hypnosis...What is that?


Clucking like a chicken on stage? Regressing to a 5 year old who has to pee? Crystal balls? As many of us do, our first intro to hypnosis is seeing this kind of behavior on stage. This is one type of hypnosis. It can be very entertaining to watch.

What Hypnosis is...

You are fully aware.

You hear everything.

You are deeply relaxed, not asleep.

Hayley describes it this way...

Hypnosis is like putting on a new set of glasses that you can see with 20/20 vision. It's like getting aha's, feeling lighter, happier, calm and at peace. I help you tap into your inner wisdom. POWERFUL!


The hypnosis Hayley's does is different and very effective. It's called hypnotherapy.


You get to relax and let gentle words soothe you as you lay there comfortably, making empowering mental shifts and breakthroughs. What could be better therapy than that?

It's FASCINATING why hypnosis is so effective! On the call with Hayley, she will share more that helps you really understand hypnotherapy and how it can help you.

You will also discuss about where you are currently in life, any struggles you may have and how hypnosis, NLP and tapping techniques are a great alternative to help you reach your goals and dreams. Click on the calendar below to schedule a time with Hayley. It's a short call to get clear if this is right for you.

Back to the story...Word got out Hayley could help people relax with her calming voice and some skills. She started making personalized affirmations and doing group meditations when asked. She loved helping people and chose to make a career out of it. Hayley received her certifications in hypnotherapy, NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming)  and EFT/TFT tapping. Hayley has helped over 50 people get quick, transformational results using all of these techniques. She is on a mission to help many, many more. Maybe this is just what you need.

Hayley shares, "I'm very grateful for these life skills that I get to teach and share with clients and my family. THESE ARE ALL POWERFUL TECHNIQUES & SKILLS THAT I CAN TEACH YOU! I am here to serve in a friendly, helpful and fun way.

Ready to experience the magic for yourself?  CLICK HERE to view my services.



​A special message to you from Hayley...

With my unique approach called the MOVE method, I combine different techniques like NLP, hypnosis, tapping and affirmations to help you beat anxiety for good. Together, we'll work to manage your emotions, take control of your thoughts, and live with purpose and authenticity.


Just imagine the possibilities once you're no longer held back by anxiety. You'll have a clear mind, focus, and a sense of purpose. You'll be organized, connected, and brave enough to take on anything. You'll experience peace, assurance, and confidence. You'll feel inspired and filled with love, joy, and calm.

To move forward,  if you haven't already, schedule a 20 minute call with me. I'm excited to meet you and show you what can be possible for you. ***Click on the calendar below.

How Do YOU Move Forward?


Hayley's story begins as a cornhusker baby of Nebraska. She was a chunky, happy tike. Growing up with four brothers, naturally she was a tom boy. Hayley spent her childhood outdoors in the mountains, lakes and her favorite was hiking with her dad. He taught her little by little about zen and played games with her on how to live in the present moment. She said, "It seemed fun so I joined in." "FLOAT" her dad would say as they would hike the steep mountain. She cherishes those times with him. 


Fast forward to today, Hayley has a family of five, three fantastic kids and a very supportive husband. She shares, "We weren't always functional or thriving. Personal life was stressful as a mother of high-spirited children, with a husband traveling often, causing more anxiety which just added to my trips to the pantry or baking cookies just so I could eat all the cookie dough. I had all the excuses in the book to eat. I was desperate for relief and knew I needed something different, something better, NOW.

At one of the lowest points in my life, I remember thinking, 'Life is not meant to be this hard, is it?' I felt frumpy, miserable and in survival mode. I felt disconnected from myself and my homies. It was a scary place to be. I knew there had to be a better way."

Discovering meditation was like a beam of heavenly light that came into Hayley's life. It helped her family relax and sleep better. Before she knew it, people were asking her to do group meditations virtually & in person. It just made sense to get certified. This led to more certifications which are transformational modalities, hypnotherapy, NLP & EFT/TFT tapping. She is now doing what she loves, helping others unlock the power of their minds.


***What this might look like? falling asleep with ease, waking up refreshed, a deeper connection with partner, feeling energized throughout the day, having fun again doing the things you love, what might have been super stressful becomes doable to handle & much more

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