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Client Stories


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Hypnosis Session

"From the initial consult Hayley has been very engaged and excited to help me get curious about my thoughts and get into new processes to make them what I want. I recommend her wellness program for any hurdles you may face. The audio she has done is only topped by her personable and personal touch in face to face sessions.
Highly impactful !! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"



Personalized Affirmations

" daughter, loves the affirmations as well!! I listen to it several times a day once being while I am getting her to sleep at night and she gets so relaxed and sleeps so much better! She’s starting asking for it to be put on before I even sit down with her! It’s great!...I wanted you to know the different it has already made for us! Thank you!! 💛"



Lit & Fit Program

"I went into meet with Hayley a little skeptical about hypnotherapy, but came away from my first appointment with her feeling heard, seen and loved.  What’s more, after only my first actual  hypnotherapy I found that my appetite had changed for the better. I began almost immediately to see and feel a difference in myself. She has helped me to begin to see myself with more positivity and clarity.  As I’ve applied the lessons I’ve learned with Hayley, I continue to see progress! Hayley is such a warm, genuine, and kind person and it flows so naturally from her into her practice."



Kids Services

"I have to tell you I picked up her friend this afternoon and she is telling her all about you and telling her that she NEEDS to come see you! She was so cute about it and so excited. I had to hold back the tears...She told her that it was so cool to envision herself shipping her pain away. She told her it was like watching a movie and she feels so much lighter and fresh. I was worried that she had built up her walls so high and it was going to take a lot more work to get in, but I'm so happy with how today went for her. THANK YOU is not adequate enough.

...Oh my goodness! I meant to reach out to you!! Last night we were in the car with a bunch of her friends and she said she has never been this happy and this has been the best week of her life!! I literally cried right then and there!...I'm shocked to be honest.
To see her actually using what you're teaching her is blowing my mind. I've tried so many different things over the years but she just needed YOU!!"



Relaxation Hypnosis session

"Thank you so much. I feel so much better. I slept the best I have all week. I didn’t wake up several times during the night like I usually do. My husband notices it too. He said that is the first time he noticed me really sound asleep. Huge blessing. Thanks to you. Thank you so much. I’m so grateful for you. Incredible...I had no idea this could happen."



Intentional Hypnosis session

"Hayley provided such thoughtful and intuitive support. Her expertise guided me in a beautiful way to connect more deeply with myself and step gracefully into my intention. After a single session I felt so good. I’d recommend her if you are ready to shift!"



Lit & Fit Program

"Hayley is awesome! ... I can barely eat 1/2 of what I used to.  She helped me figure out some triggers that would cause me to fall off the wagon or say screw it and not get it again for a while.  And so things to break them.  The hypno therapy seems to work well for me. I was afraid a woman’s voice telling me what to do would seem like nagging but not the case. Her voice is nice, her verbiage, enunciation, tone and influx are extremely calming relaxing and reassuring to me...Hayley is awesome! Would definitely recommend her!"



10 year old overcomes nerves in minutes with tapping and NLP techniques

A boy was nervous to go to tumbling. He cried almost every time and couldn't follow instructions. His mom called me asking for help. I told her to get him on the phone. I said, "Give me 30 minutes."

WIthin 20 minutes on the phone he was calm. Mom called later after tumbling, "What did you do? He actually listened. He was happy to be there. He performed his tumbling well." She was pleasantly surprised.

~Carson, age 10


1:1 Coaching, NLP, Hypnotherapy


Good morning Hayley☀️. I just wanted to say thank you again for our session. You helped me look at my situation in a whole new light. I was able to reframe how I viewed things and to shift my perspective to view my partner & our challenges through Gods eyes. Thank you for helping me come to clarity. I am so grateful for your gentleness, nurturing,  & compassionate heart🙏🏼



Personalized Affirmations

"Oh wowzers. Thank you thank you. It’s amazing. What a beautiful gift. I firmly believe Hayley was inspired in the recording she did for me. It was not only personal but profound. I have been listening to it over and over again upon just receiving it ! It’s empowering on so many levels and I love the way I feel when I listen to her calming voice. My mood has shifted, my spirit renewed and my resolve to move forward in my life has been fortified by this sacred recording. I can’t wait to see the changes and strengths I will be developing as a result of having reprogrammed my self talk to be full of hope, gratitude and passion for life. Thank you Hayley for sharing your talents with me."


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